[kul-chur & poh-lih-tix]


Our culture, or way of life, is deeply intertwined with our politics, that is, power struggles in our society.

The Making of Sahil Ki Kahaniyaan

Stories from the Coast ( teaser )

Chuhar Jamali an Area Development Approach

I am not invisible

Glimpses of Aurat March Karachi

Surveyed Become Surveyors

Adolescence Short Films

NFC Award

The Changing Hills of Hazara

Defying the General

Yeh Haath Salamat Hain Jab Tak

Roz-e-Qaza:The Last Day, A True Story of a Hibakusha "Atom Bomb"

100 Years of Karachi Port

Concert on Footpath

Ten Days of Lamentation

They Are Killing the Horse

Ek hi Rasta


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