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I have known Aisha for many years and am well aware of her successes, achievements and awards especially for the documentaries that she has made on women's rights and human rights. My direct professional interaction with her was in 2017-18, when I served as Country Director of the USAID-funded Health Policy Plus project, implemented by the Palladium Group. Aisha was selected through a competitive selection process to make a documentary on our women's leadership initiative, which included long and short films and also required travel to the field. The project was approached with dedication, enthusiasm and sincerity, and most importantly, with a gender and women's rights "lens" that resulted in the production of films that reflected the sensitivity of the filmmaker, and enabled her respondents to feel comfortable when they were being interviewed. Her unique ability to be on the same page as us and understand our perspective has resulted in films that aptly portray the success of the initiative and the enthusiasm and sense of achievement of the participants.

Rahal Saeed

Technical Consultant, RIZ Consulting, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

It is indeed a pleasure to thank Films d'Art for producing the visual documentary of Terre des Hommes Germany's humanitarian assistance programme in Pakistan. The documentary, entitled “Changing Adversity into Opportunity,” covers the issues of educational development, shelter construction, skill development and community awareness in Sindh and Balochistan in 2015. The documentary presents a wonderful sketch of the redevelopment and the contents give a in-depth view of the destruction caused by the flood and the changes as life slowly returned to the area. Terre des Hommes Germany showcased the visual documentary in Osnabruck, Germany and Kathmandu, Nepal in front of large audiences and received overwhelming support.

Salam Dharejo

Country Coordinator Pakistan, TDH


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